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WHAT UP. I should do these before I forget so here is the first topic: GAMES

I love Indie games, so I usually check out these games before all others at PAX.  I saw Hyper Light Drifter there and from what I could tell from the masses of people surrounding it every time I passed by it, it’s still staying quite popular.  The game itself looked really nice, too.

A game that quickly caught my eye was Source, a husband and wife team creating an exploration and adventure game with a mix of technology and organic feel to it.  The video alone got me hooked but I was actually able to play an alpha build of it.  The controls need some work and I managed to break it twice while playing, but I can see the starting of something really fun here.  The people at the booth (Especially the husband’s sister) were super nice and I talked to them a lot.  You should check it out!

Hands down my favorite game of the show was Crypt of the NecroDancer.  Take a dungeon crawler and a rhythm game and mash them together and you get CotND.  It look was GREAT, the music was GREAT, the idea was FUN.  I loved everything about it.  They had a pair of DDR pads you could play the game on or be mundane like myself and play it on the computer.  They haven’t started a kickstarter yet, but when they do I’m going to throw all my money at them.

One of the first games I played was Duet and was easily one of the most stressful ones as well.  The concept is simple - navigate two balls through falling obstacles by rotating said balls - but the ability to do so was everything but.  It was challenging since every time you died you had to start from the beginning, but it was all so very addictive.

I played a bit of Crowman & Wolfboy since I remember them being at PAX East a couple of years ago.  If you ever played Contre Jour it has the same feel to it with the black figures on a pale background with small objectives per level, but the side-scrolling action of C&W keeps you on your toes.

The last of the Indie games I actually got my hands on was Throw Trucks With Your Mind! and it was pretty interesting.  The EEG headset reads your brainwaves based on how calm or focused you are and with that determines how powerful your actions are.  Really cool!

The longest line I waited in was for Transistor, which was about a 2 hour wait.  The art was GORGEOUS and the game itself was smooth, but as far as gameplay.. I’m still not sure if I want to buy it.  You have the option of fighting in real time or stopping time to set out a limited amount of actions.  There’s nothing wrong with the mechanic but.. idk.  I’m not sure if it’s for me.

I watched a demo of The Evil Within and WOW do I love it.  I’m definitely am going to be picking this game up eventually.  The level design for the first area they showed was really fun - a city raising and falling chunks at a time as you try to make you way through it without getting crushed.  Just the concept of it all really took me away.  The enemies in the second area were plenty creepy, too.  I went in wanting a tense horror game and that’s what I got.  You can really feel the Resident Evil 4 influences, too, which is a good thing.

I got roped into playing a round of Billionaire Banshee which was a quick, easy, goofy card game of silliness.  You draw a Perk and a Quirk of your potential lover to be and you (and everyone else) decides if you should Date or Deny this person and why.  The combinations range from “not so bad” to “really fucking weird.”  It was pretty fun.  A decent time killer and ice breaker.

And that’s about all the games I really experienced at PAX, aside from playing Betrayal at House on the Hill - but that’s another story.

I’m so mad I didn’t think to give my card to the guy at the NecroDancer booth.

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The "Whatever I'm Only One Follower Away From" 125 Follower Giveaway!


Due to unforseen acts of a moving out of state sort of nature I’m afraid this one is going to be a small giveaway but hopefully one you’ll all like.

This time you can choose from either:

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Home now. Swag report later.

Almost forgot to pack my pants. GDI Froggie
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So, my friend made herself into 15 foot long cardboard velociraptor with googly eyes

I need friends like this

If you like this, you should check out her Kickstarter where you can make your own (smaller) versions.